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RML, the friendly sensor that predicts fill-levels


RML by ADAMBÌ is a level sensor that reliably monitors the fill-level of any shape or size bin, making waste collection more efficient and cost effective.

On this page, we will compare conventional waste collection with the automated version, which uses the RML sensor, to discover all of its advantages.


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RML, the level sensor to revolutionise waste collection


The issue of savings is a priority in the waste collection process. Eliminating costs is always complicated because it entails lowering quality and we all know that city management and citizens will not accept service that is less punctual and well-managed than the one they already have.


The RML level sensor accurately monitors how full the bin actually is and notifies the service provider when it needs to be emptied. This means fewer collection runs because the bin will only be emptied when it is nearly full.


Reducing how often bins are emptied positively impacts fuel costs and wear on vehicles, as the less they travel, the less they consume and deteriorate.


Overall collection time is also reduced, consequently reducing employee time as well. With conventional collection, vehicles and operators must stop and block road traffic for every bin along the route, even when the bin is empty. Instead, with automated collection using the RML sensor, vehicles only stop when the bin is full. Collection routes become leaner and quicker, operators are occupied for less time, and the use of resources can be revisited, cutting costs or redistributing the remaining time to other tasks.


Want to know more? Contact Massimo Furanti - he will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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The quality of the service that waste management companies provide is crucial, which is why performance must remain unvaried even after having reduced costs.


The RML level sensor even allows for improvement: the fact that it evaluates the amount of waste in the bin and predicts future fill-levels means collection can be planned punctually and done only when necessary, thereby avoiding needless collection runs and/or waste being left on the road because the bins are overflowing.


The alert system sends a notification when the predefined threshold has been reached so companies can plan for only the nearly-full bins to be emptied, thereby making collection runs more efficient and reducing CO2 emissions.


Contracting Authorities require a quality standard, forcing waste management companies to collect at a set frequency, being otherwise unable to make sure bins have been emptied. The software that monitors how full bins are provides an accurate report on fill-levels that can be used as evidence of the bin being emptied only once it reaches the predefined threshold.


This element offers an alternative to the set frequency and positively impacts good service.



Want to know more? Contact Massimo Furanti - he will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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Conventional system reliability is based exclusively on the human factor, while the automated collection system depends on technology.

It is impossible to compare the two systems but we can compare the various level sensor systems on the market to offer operators objective information for evaluation.

A detailed analysis on competing products has shed light on the features the RML level system has compared to its main competitors. RML proved to be a unique revolutionary product:

  • it is the only one with a 5-year warranty

  • it is the only one with connectivity included in the price

  • it is the only one with guaranteed battery duration

  • it is the only one with SW platform that predicts filling included in the price

  • it is the most accurate, thanks to optic technology.


Battery operation is guaranteed for 5 years with daily reading and data transmission and the software has a prediction system that shows when the bin will need to be emptied in advance.


With thousands of units sold, RML is the most widely used level sensor in Italy.


Want to know more? Contact Massimo Furanti - he will be happy to answer all of your questions

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RML is a sensor that can be installed in just a few minutes and requires no maintenance.

Its patented multi-sensor optic technology reads real fill-levels at various levels, thereby always supplying reliable data.


With RML, connectivity is included in the price, which means no worrying about planning monthly payments to a service provider.

RML is delivered with proprietary software which, in addition to fill-level data, offers an estimate of the time needed for bins to be completely full.


It fits in any type of waste bin and is compatible with third-party management and fleet management software.


RML is extremely easy to install, as shown in the video.

It pays for itself in the savings obtained starting even from the first year it is implemented.

In addition to an operating warranty, Adambì offers assistance throughout the implementation and testing stages.


RML has the best quality-price ratio on the market and is the most widely sold waste level sensor in Italy with thousands of units sold.




There are numerous advantages to implementing RML. To know more, contact Massimo Furanti, who will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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